The MemTrain project is dedicated to communication and dissemination of the research.
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Events: Seminar Series

The MemTrain students have organized a free Seminar Series focusing on biochemical content related to membranes research projects. This webinar series is sponsored by the Biochemical society and comprises a variety of external speakers. 

We are happy to announce that The MemSem 4.0 is now underway. Join us for exciting membrane-related research projects from across the world! 

Date Speaker Topic
20 January 2023 Dr Damian Bell Automatic patch clamp for ion channel drug discovery
17 February 2023 Professor Vanina Zaremberg Shaping silence by a lysolipid at the nuclear envelope
19 May 2023 Professor Jennifer Hiscock “Supramolecular Self-Associating Amphiphiles (SSAS) – A therapeutic technology platform?
21 Jul 2023 Professor Ute Hellmich Wagging the dog with its tail: Structural dynamics of TRP channel termini
15 September 2023 Dr Linsay Clark TBD

The next talk on “Wagging the dog with its tail: Structural dynamics of TRP channel termini” by Professor Ute Hellmich (Institute of Organic Cemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry - University of Jena) takes place on Friday 21.07.23 at 1PM.

We are pleased to welcome Professor Hellmich in person at Aston University. This talk can be attended in MB241 (Aston University) or via Teams.


After her presentation, Prof Hellmich will be available to answer your questions in a live Q&A session. After the seminar, refreshments and snacks will be provided.

To join the session, please contact the MemTrain team at

 You can find out more about Biochemical Society sponsored events and Membership on the attached Flyer. 

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News: New researchers

Welcome to the 2nd cohort of researchers. To find out more about the team, follow the link to their bios:

Cristina Croitoru

Yanis Pantoja