The MemTrain approach

Membranes and their integral proteins are extremely challenging to study, largely due to their hydrophobic nature. Aston University has significant and leading expertise in this area, and has been central to the development of new technologies to drive membrane research.

memtrain-approach-1MemTrain will be based within the Aston Centre for Membrane Protein & Lipid Research (AMPL), which has been recognised by Aston University as a flagship research area. AMPL studies the structure and function of membrane proteins and associated lipids, using interdisciplinary approaches and our novel technologies.

Our aim is to understand the molecular basis of how cells communicate with their environment and each other, facilitating drug discovery for patient benefit and driving advances in industrial biotechnology.

memtrain-approach-2We have significant experience of industrial collaboration in large multipartner, interdisciplinary and intersectoral projects to deliver real-world benefits from our research. A large number of our collaborators involved in MemTrain will provide cross-sector training for the next generation of membrane protein researchers. MemTrain PhD projects will be co-designed with our industry partners to ensure that they are demand -driven; industry co-supervision for PhDs will ensure that they all benefit from a package of industry -orientated complimentary skills training.

MemTrain PhD projects will be tailored through demand-led design with industry in the following three key themes:

  1. Medicines discovery
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Technologies for studying membranes